Salesforce Field Service Management

Organizations use field service management to organize their resources to provide in-person support. A variety of use cases exist. Equipment installation, maintenance, break/fix, and asset monitoring are some of these application cases. These tasks need close coordination between agents, dispatchers, employees, and other parties. It needs technology and instruments that are primarily digital and offer:

  • Complete data views
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Project Visibility

Field service, in its simplest form, is the department of a company that sends a worker to provide a client with in-person support.

The only direct contact a client has with a business is frequently through field service. Interactions are therefore essential to loyalty and retention. Because of this, 80% of decision-makers at companies that use field service think that it is a crucial component of their overall strategy now.

Salesforce Field Service Management

Implementing Salesforce Field Service and Improving It

A business requires several tasks and upgrades to operate efficiently run and sustain it. And a technician will be needed by every firm at some point or another. Additionally, the technician’s tardiness or lack of coordination with the meeting or schedule is a prevalent issue that has been noticed here.

Therefore, one of the most difficult tasks for many firms is to effectively manage service experts. There is a rising need for solutions that might simplify and aid in managing field service operations because of delays, time logs, errors in communication, and a lack of real-time visibility.

Field Service Lightning (FSL), originally known as Salesforce Field Service, is a field service solution offered by Salesforce. For on-site task management and real-time collaboration, this application was created as a field solution.

The Salesforce FSL platform is designed to meet or exceed customer expectations by placing the ideal mobile employee in the ideal location at the ideal moment.

Features of Salesforce Field Service

  • Faster and more efficient creation and management of work orders

    For field service operations, you can create and manage work orders, access knowledge articles right away, and use our Milestones function to keep track of SLA compliance.
    Integrate your work orders with other objects, like accounts, contacts, assets, cases, entitlements, and others, to enable data importation throughout your Salesforce account.

  • Optimize schedules, allocate work smartly, and handle service calls

    Immediately schedule field service visits from a customer community or the service console. Our intelligent scheduling intelligently assigns tasks to the appropriate resources based on availability, qualifications, and location to boost worker productivity.
    We’ve incorporated sophisticated scheduling and monitoring of employees, equipment, and trucks to make sure the appropriate parts are accessible

  • Increase the first-time repair rate by utilizing Salesforce Einstein’s AI capabilities

    Mobile workers may utilize image recognition with Einstein Vision to quickly identify assets and parts in photos.
    Make sure the correct product component is repaired or replaced to avoid confusion and extra journeys back to the office.
    The right setup procedures can be automatically prescribed for technicians based on the classification of an image, enabling them to provide quicker, more informed service.

  • Utilizing the Salesforce Field Service mobile app, manage jobs from any mobile device

    The Salesforce Field Service mobile application gives your mobile staff complete access to on-site task management. Our field service solution is accessible to employees at any task from the palm of their hands.
    Regardless of mobile phone connectivity, they will be able to access work schedules, view van stock and inventory, read knowledge articles, and collaborate in real-time while on the move.
    This mobile software is customizable and can be modified to provide your mobile workforce with precisely what it needs.

  • Make better decisions by utilizing data and insights

    Our field service analytics tools provide your managers and dispatchers with simple, real-time visibility into operational performance and KPIs.
    One app may be used to get insights from data from several systems, handle client complaints, and avert issues before they arise.

  • Make more informed choices

    Give managers and dispatchers quick, real-time access to operational performance and KPIs by using Field Service Analytics.
    One app gives you access to all your data from many platforms, allowing you to analyze it, respond to customer concerns, and avert issues before they arise.

Price and supported editions

The following Salesforce editions include access to the core functionality, managed package, and mobile app for Field Service Lightning.

  • Enterprise
  • Performance
  • Unlimited
  • Developer

How does Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning work?

The official Salesforce documentation is the best source to consult while setting up Salesforce Field Service. Consider the documentation to be the final authority because the installation procedure may alter with each version. Several factors should be considered:

  • Field Service Lightning must be installed within your Salesforce org as a Managed Package.
  • Users’ profiles and permission settings must be changed, and the Field Service licenses must be assigned to them.
  • It’s very probable that you may need to perform some minor setup work on common items like Products, Assets, Service Contracts, and Entitlements.
  • The foundation of your service model will be created by creating records for service territories, service resources, and operating hours.

Benefits of Field Service Management

Field service management (FSM) software is widely accessible on the market nowadays; therefore, field management services may also profit from technology. This program is designed to automate every step of your operation, including service, billing, routing, scheduling, dispatching, and storing client information.

Here are a few benefits of using field service management software in case you are still unsure.

  • Tasks are finished more quickly
  • Lowers the cost of operations
  • Operating the System Remotely
  • Effective interaction between customers and field service personnel
  • Automation of Work
  • Dealing with Client History and Knowledge Base
  • Eliminating Waste
  • Enhances the ability to understand the business
  • Maximises the use of GPS tracking
  • Promotes expansion
  • Enhancement of accuracy