Systems for managing customer relationships are becoming essential across all industries. With its recently released Education Cloud, Salesforce has improved the CRM industry. With the help of this cloud platform, educational institutions may see students as potential clients and obtain insightful data to draw them in, keep them around, and provide the best services possible. universities can give all the data in a consolidated and uniform way. Also, by using this platform, institutes can benefit from personalized marketing & communication.

Education Cloud 01 Features of the Education Cloud

  • Stakeholders’ Holistic View

There are a lot of people connected to educational institutions. These stakeholders include prospective students, alumni, donors, affiliates, and many others. With the help of the education cloud, it is possible to keep a record of all these stakeholders from different sources

  • Greater Help to Students

Many student-friendly aspects of the education cloud enable universities to improve and deepen student involvement, optimize college services, promote career opportunities, and provide unified counselling. Additionally, it gives institutions a 360-degree view of every student and enables them to interact with the institution using the device of their preference.

  • Easy Recruitment

With the help of this platform, higher education institutions can improve their admissions and recruitment procedures. It gives you consolidated access to all the necessary data in one location. Schools may more effectively reach out to potential students, attract the best candidates, and increase recruiter productivity.

  • Admission Connect

It is a CRM software for admission offices that is developed to provide specialized solutions based on their needs. This CRM system enables universities to interact with applications in a meaningful way and experience a seamless admissions administration procedure.

  • Personalized Marketing

The admissions and recruitment team can manage and cultivate a pipeline of high-caliber candidates with to Education Cloud. Personalized and goal-oriented campaigns can be conducted via a variety of media by colleges and institutes as well. Additionally, this platform enables to take use of the power of AI analytics, allowing to optimize each integration with the stakeholders and accurately calculate marketing ROI.

Benefits of Education Cloud for Colleges and Institutions


Education cloud 02


Advantages of Education Cloud

  • Student Management

You may get direct insights into each student registered in your college through the dashboard that comes with the tools. The potential for student bodies to be informed, current, and most importantly secure is unequaled thanks to the tailored content control that optimized communication channels give. It also helps the university to increase student participation, streamline college services, and offer employment opportunities.

  • Teacher Management

Managing the professors is important to an institution as managing the students. Salesforce aids teachers by providing them with additional information about the students to improve productivity. Additionally, it gives teachers and students access to a single dashboard so that they may collaborate and interact more effectively.

  • Marketing Automation

Every business, including educational institutions, requires a marketing strategy. To maximize your business and bring in better leads, Salesforce can help you keep up with the increasing competition. This allows Salesforce Marketing Automation to seamlessly incorporate reporting tools. You can monitor your ongoing campaigns and manage and change them from a single central platform while you’re on the go.

  • Advancement

Salesforce provides built-in functionality, a scalable, adaptable architecture, and a staff of consultants and Salesforce specialists. overall provides teachers, students, and parents with a smoother experience.


Salesforce CRM makes it possible for educational institutions to collaborate effectively and efficiently with their major stakeholders. With the help of Education Cloud, you can create deep connections with all parties involved in the education life cycle, including students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and contributors. Teachers can use Education Cloud to gain broad insights, future projections, and a deeper comprehension of each performance statistic. Education cloud can tailor the information perspectives you need, regardless of whether you’re seeking to attract, keep, or develop support.