The development of generative artificial intelligence (AI) benefits small businesses as well. Regardless of a company’s resources, it may also assist small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) market more effectively and wisely.

I envision a scenario where SMBs leverage generative AI through Sales Cloud to optimise the sales process and complete more transactions faster and with less money soon. Predictive sales modelling and automated, AI-generated proposals and client interactions will provide SMBs even more effective tools to help them deliver outstanding customer experiences, control operational costs, and achieve sustainable development.

Genertive Ai

SMEs will benefit from strong capabilities provided by generative AI that will enable them to control costs, deliver excellent customer experiences, and develop sustainably.

How might generative AI benefit SMBs? What is it?

Technology known as “generative AI” enables users to produce original text, graphics, and other types of material from text-based prompts. It is based on pre-trained, large-language models. Although it has the potential to revolutionise sales, it will need to overcome several obstacles to catch on. To balance this transformational technology with its realities and risks, Salesforce has developed five recommendations for trustworthy generative AI development. They also discussed the possibilities of generative AI in corporate tech.

  1. Every salesperson might have a virtual assistant thanks to generative AI
    More time-consuming sales duties like authoring emails, setting up appointments, and creating notes for the subsequent encounter will be automated by generative AI. Sales teams will be better prepared for crucial discussions and will be able to find and close upsell possibilities without endangering client relationships by utilising generative AI to summarise previous customer encounters.
  2. It might substitute personalised engagements for web-to-lead forms
    Based on past data and client interactions, generative AI can create quick, individualised customer messages. You might be able to qualify leads and respond to frequent client inquiries more rapidly with the aid of technology. With seamless purchasing experiences, this customer-centric change will aid SMBs in strengthening current connections and fostering the acquisition of new clients.
  3. It could streamline the prospecting procedure
    By creating tailored emails to interact with the most potential prospects, generative AI may assist increase pipeline growth. Generative AI may change prospecting activities from onerous and time-consuming to efficient and autonomous when integrated with predictive modelling that can foresee customer behaviour, such as which goods consumers are likely to purchase.


  1. Lead Prioritization : Salesforce AI can analyze customer data and identify the most promising leads for sales representatives to focus on. This can help sales reps prioritize their efforts and maximize their chances of closing deals.
  2. Personalization : Salesforce AI can help sales reps personalize their interactions with prospects and customers. By analyzing data on customer preferences and behavior, Salesforce AI can suggest personalized recommendations, content, and messaging for sales reps to use.
  3. Predictive Analytics : Salesforce AI can help sales reps make better predictions about which deals are most likely to close and when. By analyzing data on past sales, customer behavior, and market trends, Salesforce AI can identify patterns and make accurate predictions about future sales outcomes.
  4. Workflow Automation : Salesforce AI can help sales reps automate routine tasks such as data entry, scheduling appointments, and follow-up emails. This can save time and free up sales reps to focus on more important tasks such as building relationships with customers.
  5. Sales Forecasting : Salesforce AI can help sales managers forecast future sales revenue and identify potential risks and opportunities. By analyzing data on past sales performance and market trends, Salesforce AI can provide insights and recommendations for sales managers to optimize their sales strategies.
  6. Overall, Salesforce AI can help sales teams work more efficiently, increase productivity, and close more deals by leveraging the power of data analytics and automation.

Another progressive step

Selling Cloud Using AI capabilities, Einstein was introduced in 2016 to assist all businesses, but particularly SMEs with limited resources, in focusing on their most promising prospects and automating time-consuming sales processes like data input.

As a result of Salesforce’s continual technological advancements, Einstein now produces approximately 200 billion predictions daily. The development of generative AI presents promising potential to advance that development.