Applications of Salesforce Genie

Salesforce Customer Data Platform has consistently innovated, winning recognition at the Connection event, then being followed by Salesforce Genie, which broadens the discussion of CDP’s goals and advantages. Genie differs from a Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform (Formerly known as Salesforce CDP). The “Customer 360” is fully benefited by Genie by utilizing Salesforce CDP’s capabilities. Salesforce CDP customers have already been utilizing that for data unification, identity resolution, and activation.

Salesforce Uses CDP: An Inside look

The major goal of Salesforce CDP capabilities like data unification, identity resolution, and segment activation is to provide consumers with even more tailored experiences. When a business must deal with a large amount of client data spread across many regions or multiple instances, innovation like this Genie becomes a necessity.

Here, CDP provides insights into

  • The number of data streams entering the consumer data platform from interconnected systems to date.
  • The ingested data is mapped to the data model to standardize data and facilitate identity resolution.
  • Different AI models are used to identify distinct patterns present in the profiles. The list will grow longer over time, and the trends include product interest, propensity to reply, and list length.
  • The segments that are created and activated via different channels, such as email, website, self-service, and advertising.

CDP Segment Activation

CDP Segment Activation
  • Journey Builder and Salesforce

    End-to-end experiences, including Salesforce+, are being powered by Salesforce Genie. The subject of whether it is possible to trigger a trip in Journey Builder using a segment from the Marketing Cloud data extension, which is part of Salesforce+, is one that is constantly raised. However, Salesforce has convincingly demonstrated this capability through Salesforce+

  • Activation of CDP for Slack

    Salesforce first launched Slack as a channel. This activation now depends on the person being duly identified, through the CDP identity from the previously filled-out forms is matched with the person’s Google Analytics account.

  • License Utilization Campaign

    The integrated license utilization data stream will make this information easily accessible in the customer’s CDP profile, automating the segment and causing Journey Builder to launch the campaign to buy more licenses.

  • Highly Dynamic Websites

    The stronger architecture will support extremely dynamic website content depending on the visitor’s identification. Your Trailblazer ID flows into CDP after authentication in order to create a rich profile for you. Marketing Cloud Personalization receives this enhanced profile and uses it to provide dynamic content recommendations.

  • Paid Media Audiences

    Based entirely on their own first-party data, Salesforce aims to integrate segments into third-party websites for targeted advertising. Additionally, they will be able to simulate an audience that is like those in the segment in terms of behaviour or attribution.

Consideration in Salesforce CDP

Consideration in Salesforce CDP
  • Compliance Check

    The marketing and legal teams must work very closely together to understand how the technology operates in particular regions where data residency is required.

  • Robust Authentication

    In digital experiences, authentication is important. The identity service that supports Trailblazer ID wasn’t initially designed to handle the scale that is currently being “thrown” at it. Salesforce has opted to rebuild this as a result. Another benefit is the points at which data is synced to and from the CDP to prevent spikes in requests that might exceed the processing capability. CDP now has a scheduling synchronization feature.

  • Trailblazer ID

    Trailblazer ID is a key because anyone could register for Trailhead, Salesforce events, and other services using their personal email address; their Trailblazer ID is not connected to their work email account. Trailblazer ID must be connected to Accounts and Opportunities though, in order to assess how well marketing campaigns are generating revenue. Salesforce combines flexibility with the benefit of pipeline attribution; for instance, if you switch employers, your profile information will follow you.

  • Integration Prioritization

    While some Salesforce interfaces are waiting, others will go live. Throughout this process, the yet-to-be-implemented integrations will be prioritized and taken up by the product team, which is working diligently to produce the out-of-the-box connectors to support the integration plans.


The foregoings provide an inside look at how Salesforce created, put into practise, and enhanced their own CDP. The most important features that was discussed includes identifying much needed use cases, having a reliable authentication service support CDP and emphasising the necessity of cross-functional planning, thereby enhancing its utility to a completely different level.