An Effective Combination for Data-Driven Success: Salesforce and Tableau

In business today, the performance gap between organizations that are data-driven and those that are not are dramatically widening. Businesses that are data-driven have a considerable strategic advantage. They are more likely to recruit talented employees, discover additional opportunities, gain and retain consumers, and provide seamless experiences for their clients.
Data enabled organizations:

  • Take quicker strategic decisions
  • Be more effective in your stakeholder communications
  • Respond faster.
An Effective Combination for Data-Driven Success: Salesforce and Tableau

The benefits of data for businesses only eventuate in an organization that genuinely supports a data culture.

Tableau with Salesforce: A Powerful Combination

Tableau CRM, originally known as Einstein Analytics, is a potent mobile analytics platform that makes it simple to integrate customer analytics with Salesforce. At Tableau, we assist individuals in seeing and analysing data. We provide the most advanced analytics solution for all your data in Salesforce. Tableau offers analytics for everyone in your business, enabling you to effectively utilize your rich customer data.

Increased visibility and a better knowledge of your customers may be achieved by combining Tableau with Salesforce data from the Customer 360 platform. Give secure, accurate, and customized views of your data to your finance, operations, channel teams, and executives.

It is possible to access all the data sets from different departments of a firm and produce reports or insights. Businesses will be able to make better decisions because of this. Previously known as Tableau CRM, CRM Analytics is a potent tool that helps your business analyze data sets in real time.

Every person at a company with a strong data culture has access to the information they need to perform at their highest level. When all departments are linked together around a single, common view of client data, this is achievable.

This is made possible via Salesforce Customer 360. The best-in-class tools provided by Customer 360, the top CRM in the world, bring together all teams – marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT — around a single, shared view of customer data on an integrated platform. This makes it possible for teams to collaborate to create long-lasting, reliable connections and provide the individualized experiences that clients need.

When combined with Tableau, the top analytics platform in the world, the number one CRM in the world is supercharged. Salesforce and Tableau work together to produce high performance if data gives organizations a competitive edge.

Why Tableau?

Tableau integrates analytics into daily company operations. It accomplishes this by combining data from Salesforce and additional sources into a single view. In doing so, it provides insightful analysis for wise business decisions. It enables employees throughout the firm to connect with and believe in the real-time data flow of the business.

Each team member has access to the precise information they need using Tableau’s user-friendly platform, enabling them to consistently make outstanding choices. Importantly, when integrated with Salesforce Customer 360, it strengthens a single picture of the customer by linking data across diverse areas, including sales, service, and marketing, and provides new insights into customer success.

Tableau’s customizable, user-friendly, and interactive dashboards not only aid in the visualization and comprehension of data but the AI feature also makes previously hidden trends and patterns evident.

A key component of this user-friendly platform’s success is the trust it inspires. Even the greatest data analytics will be useless if staff members are unable or unwilling to use the application. This is not an issue in a data culture.

Data Culture

The collective attitudes and actions of those who respect, support, and promote the use of data to enhance decision-making constitute a data culture.

Data is thereby integrated into an organization’s processes, way of thinking, and identity. Insights required to be genuinely data-driven and address your most difficult business issues are provided by a data culture that empowers everyone in your organization.

Create a data-driven firm, invest in Technology and Data culture.

Organizations invest trillions of dollars in becoming more data-driven, yet only 8% of scale analytics successfully realize the value of their data. Investments in data culture and technology are needed to change how people make choices for a business to become data driven.

An Effective Combination for Data-Driven Success: Salesforce and Tableau

People can challenge ideas, asking questions, and making judgments based on facts rather than merely intuition when they have access to the correct technologies and a Data Culture. The goal of everyone is to use the power of data to better their company and themselves.

A robust data results in excellent customer service

Businesses require digital skills to stay current, be close to their consumers, and provide better results for them. The customer experience will improve as the company’s capabilities, notably its data culture, improve.

Static spreadsheets are no longer used. Rich, real-time data dashboards that are tailored to the unique demands and work processes of people inside the organization have taken their place. Reporting on the past is just that—reporting on the past. Teams are now concentrating on the next plans and strategies, armed with data.

There are no limits to what companies can accomplish when they combine the strength of Salesforce, the insight of Tableau, and a strong data culture.