Salesforce has launched Automotive Cloud, a brand-new platform created especially for manufacturers, dealers, automotive financing organizations, and their clients. Driving revenue through improved lead conversion and collaboration, Automotive Cloud uses industry-specific automation, intelligence, and real-time analytics for increased productivity and cost savings. It also helps deliver exceptional service and experiences with Driver 360 across every customer interaction.

Features of Automotive Cloud

  • Driver Console – Provide the customer service team with a clear understanding of every engagement through continuous touchpoints.
  • Vehicle Console – Provides simple access to extensive vehicle information for any automaker, dealer, or finance company.
  • Automotive Lead Management – Promotes cooperation between automakers and dealers by enhancing leads with unique customer and vehicle history.
  • Dealer Performance Management – It makes it simple to examine dealership performance areas and keep a watch on lead streams.
  • Flow for Automotive – To make the creation and delivery of the branded and automated experience easier, intelligent automation is offered together with click-based configuration and integration tools.
  • Analytics for Automotive – Gives automotive companies information that can assist them to manage and improve their operations.

Impact of Salesforce Automotive Cloud Adoption

  • Optimized Sales Process

Customers’ preferences for buying cars are evaluated by a powerful CRM, which then distributes leads to sales representatives accordingly. Further aid in setting up customer appointments is the team’s targeted lead tracking. Managers can get rid of manual duties and concentrate more on providing high-quality, personalized purchase experiences by using streamlined processes that involve regular follow-ups.

  • Real-Time Automation

The sales team can save hours of effort since artificial intelligence and analytics are monitoring consumer data in real time on the backend. Understanding client behaviour and purchasing patterns is made possible by the data-driven approach, which will assist to raise conversion rates and boost engagement. Moreover, data analysis provides insightful information on product features, timely alerts, and transactional details to enhance sales and cross-selling prospects.

  • Dealership and Inventory Management

The daily activities of the dealer can be handled using Salesforce Automotive Cloud. It handles inventory management duties like warehouse operations, spare parts inventories, calculating stocks, etc.

  • Easy Integration

Salesforce Automotive Cloud is adaptable and makes it simple to integrate it with different programs. In addition to maintaining efficiency in customer interactions, this reduces opposition to implementing a new product into the system. Automotive Cloud reduces costs and boosts revenue through real-time data integration with a variety of apps on several devices.

How Automotive Cloud is driving change

  • Real-time personalization and the power of Genie

Automakers can create completely linked experiences by combining data from marketing, sales, commerce, and services. Moreover, automotive companies may combine customer and vehicle data from all channels into a single, real-time profile for each customer using Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud.

  • Revolutionize buying experiences with the new Commerce Cloud solution

Salesforce’s integrated Commerce and Automotive Cloud enable automakers to improve the online car-buying process. With AI-driven, branded experiences, customers and dealers may take advantage of a seamless and unique journey. With accurate inventory routing, the automobile industry can enhance order fulfilment and customer service while providing a seamless experience across marketing, commerce, and service. Also, by working with software vendors (ISV) partners, customers may now add augmented reality, interactive 3D, and virtual photography to their automobiles.

  • Collaborating with Industry Leaders like AWS

Salesforce is transforming the automobile sector by utilizing the strength of Amazon Web Services. Consumers can now get smart notifications. From the convenience of their car, make servicing appointments at their preferred dealership, and pay for them.


To create new, connected experiences through a unified platform for managing customer relationships and interactions, IoT is being used by the Salesforce Automotive Cloud to enable automotive firms to make better, insight-driven decisions.