Companies are working to improve their customer interaction strategy to deliver high-quality and efficient services. The consumer products cloud was created by Salesforce to handle enterprises of various shapes and sizes. Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud is a collection of cloud-based software technologies that can assist brands and retailers in managing their retail operations and storefronts while boosting sales. A comprehensive view of customer profiles across all touchpoints, including demographics, purchase history, geography, and more, is provided to users by the Consumer Goods Cloud, along with real-time insights. Moreover, Salesforce’s Consumer Products Cloud can be used in conjunction with its Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

Features of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

  • Improved Visit Planning

Salesforce Consumer Products Cloud gives field reps access to a list of assigned and prioritized shop visits for each day, as well as suggested in-app mapping tools to manage routes effectively.

  • Optimize Visit Execution

Once the representatives have access to all the customizable templates according to store or segment categories, they can make sure that the needs to be raised in each store are always satisfied, handling everything from inventory to return order processing and surveys. All of this is now possible from a smartphone.

  • Power of Einstein AI

Einstein AI optimizes compliance and product placements. Planograms, accessible inventory, and merchandising compliance checks are made possible by Einstein Vision for Consumer Goods Cloud’s object detection and image recognition solutions.

  • Easy Orders and Data Capturing

With mobile devices’ order capture capabilities, a representative can take orders during a store visit and record key information like the product, quantity, and pricing.

  • Time Management

Consumer Goods Cloud has made it possible for field representatives to spend more of their time building client relationships and less of it on auditing tasks.

  • Task Management System

The Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud task management system makes sure that each field representative has completed their daily tasks. Moreover, it precisely reports while giving the executives a complete picture of the visit.

Benefits of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

  • Improvements in Store Planning

Sales managers will have a complete 360-degree view of their sales targets, orders, discounts, and promotions with the Salesforce Consumer Products Cloud, which has been established.

  • Better Store Layout

Businesses can assign templates that are further dependent on a store’s segment categories with the help of Salesforce Consumer Products Cloud. To boost productivity from check-in to check-out, templates may also be implemented by specific stores.

  • Accurately Auditing the Shelves

The Salesforce Consumer Products Cloud is utilized to bring the organization’s shop shelves to serve as the best planogram software used especially for visual merchandising. Also, it helps businesses use data from mobile devices to embrace information about a certain product category, pricing, quantity, promotions, and discounts.

  • Navigable Store Visits

The Sales Representatives may require the maintenance of keeping track of each store visit through the gathering of essential characteristics such as store name, location, hours spent, visit time as anticipated, and any prior visits with rapid access to the accessible data.

  • Capturing Orders on Mobile to Increase In-Store Sales

For businesses, in-store sales have altered the situation while delivering significant profitability. Retailers may utilize the best store management software to develop the best strategies, offer discounts, effectively carry out promotional activities, and enhance customer experience.

  • Comprehensive Surveys and Data Collection

Salesforce Consumer Products Cloud enables businesses to have effective retail management by ensuring promotions in real-time with the aid of team collaborations on a single, integrated platform.