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Finding joy in the work you do, can make a tremendous impact in your outlook and the corollary positive vibes, can make you feel contented both on the job as well as in personal life. The best way to validate this statement is by having a coffee break chat with the employees of a company that takes pride in their positive work culture. CONCLO is one such company, that nurtures a strong value based ethos, which ensures that the employees feel connected to the core values of the company.

Our target audience was a team of freshers who joined CONCLO as interns, gradually moving up the value chain and now working in different positions within CONCLO. Keep reading to know how the employees in CONCLO remained engaged and motivated thereby achieving meaningful career growth and also scripting the company’s success story. We met a group of talented professionals who shared their experiences of being part of CONCLO.

Tell us about your first day at CONCLO

I remember the day I joined CONCLO. It was a Tuesday, I was super excited as I was about to make my baby steps into a professional career. Fresh out of college, I was buoyant with my dreams and aspirants of making it big in my corporate journey. I made a mental note to be as professionally as possible and uphold the values of the company. Looking back now, I cherish the memories that transports me back to the moment of meeting my colleagues. Though initially, I was a bit apprehensive, we soon bonded well, and they extended their support in hand holding me and making me comfortable. It was then I understood how CONCLO values their team right from day one as it was a part of their work culture. It didn’t take me long to realize it’s a family – a work family.

How does a fulfilling day in CONCLO look like

Every day in CONCLO is a fresh start, working without pressure is the greatest ever thing that makes CONCLO different. True to the adage “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, each day we explore new things, which makes the journey interesting as well as rewarding. CONCLO fosters collaboration and teamwork besides providing excellent opportunities for career growth which makes it so fulfilling for the employees. Each day in CONCLO makes us feel complete and well-rounded as it gives ample scope to adjust our personal and professional commitments together. The work culture, supportive colleagues and friendly environment makes the employee feel comfortable.

Earlier You and Present You

Years at CONCLO have taught me the confidence and courage to challenge myself to take the path that wasn’t the easiest and the courage to say ‘Yes’ when opportunities came my way regardless of the challenges. I have learned several new skills in the past couple of years that I have spent with CONCLO. Doing a self introspection, I can understand how much I have evolved as a person in these years and how CONCLO has made me a much better person than what I thought I would ever be. The transformation from the first day to now is way beyond than what can be expressed in words.

Experience in CONCLO

Every day is a new experience in CONCLO. One of the many things I cherish about a career in CONCLO, is having the time to do meaningful work and spend quality time at home. Work-life balance is the buzzword that everyone focuses on today. Being an artist by passion, the happiest part is that, In CONCLO I can continue to spend time on my artistic pursuits alongside my work. The work ethos at CONCLO is what I admire the most, as CONCLO fosters an inclusive work culture where differences in appearance, background, experience, and opinion are valued. CONCLO brings out the best in me through continuous grooming and support. Our mentor would often say that “You may not know your potential, but we know, and we believe in you”. I think this confidence reposed on us is incredibly empowering, especially when I hit a roadblock or when trying to accomplish a new goal.

What drew you to CONCLO

CONCLO provides ample opportunities to upskill technically and also to improve our soft skills such as interpersonal skills and communication. Opportunities has helped to catapult my career and professional development. We were able to complete numerous projects in different sectors, and those projects have lasting impacts. Besides the official projects, CONCLO is unique in the way it discharges its Corporate Social Responsibility. It identifies the needs of the underprivileged in the society and fulfills the need accordingly, thereby acting as change agents.

  • Empowering young talents and making them aware of the big picture is important and CONCLO is taking initiatives to bring up the young talents into the limelight.
  • CONCLO addresses the problem of unemployment to the extent possible, by offering job opportunities to deserving candidates.

Any message to new joiners?

From our experience, we can say without an iota of doubt that CONCLO will provide excellent opportunities for candidates who have a passion for learning and upskilling. This is a place where you will be groomed personally and professionally. CONCLO highly values its employees and provides work-life balance. CONCLO has a unique identity, it is a people company that focuses on technology. Accelerate, Collaborate and Innovate are the taglines of CONCLO and it constitutes the company’s core values and this applies not only to the services rendered to the clients but holds good from an employee standpoint as well – it accelerates employees’ career growth and fosters collaboration and innovation which in turn makes employees ever willing to help each other.