Using partner apps and industry expertise, how can you get the most out of Salesforce? On AppExchange, the top cloud enterprise marketplace, you may find reputable Salesforce experts and pre-built apps. You have the resources at your disposal for a 360-degree perspective of your organization with the help of personalized and adaptable solutions.

To establish a connected patient experience, a healthcare provider sought assistance in tearing down silos. An order management system that was easier to use was required by a retail distributor. The productivity of its agents and client pleasure were two goals for an insurance firm.

Through Salesforce and our partner ecosystem, which includes a large worldwide network of app developers and consulting partners, these clients were able to get the assistance they required. To help clients expand Salesforce and get the most out of their investment, these “apps and specialists” provide technology and knowledge. 91% of Salesforce customers utilize AppExchange applications, and our consulting partners manage 70% of client deployments.

Why Salesforce Partners?

They are the businesses that Salesforce has approved to install its platform on your behalf. The Salesforce Partner ecosystem is expanding, and let’s examine the global market data for Salesforce Partners in 2021:

  • Worldwide, there are 1,939 Salesforce Partners.
  • According to IDC, by 2026, the Salesforce partner ecosystem will generate $1.6 trillion in new company revenues and 9.3 million new employments globally.
  • Salesforce implementation projects often cost $5,000 and above.
  • The Certified Administrator credential, which costs 97,846, is the most expensive Salesforce qualification.
  • The United States is the country with the largest usage of Salesforce, with over 1,145 Salesforce consulting firms in operation.
  • Around the world, 79,241 Salesforce projects have been successfully completed.
  • The number of Trailblazers worldwide exceeds 15 million.
  • Sales Optimizer is the Salesforce Partner with the largest number of positive client evaluations (392) in the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • There are 73,165 professionals that hold a Salesforce certification.
  • There are 3.6 million visitors every month to Trailhead, the top website for learning Salesforce.
  • Certified Administrator, Platform Developer I, App Builder, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Service Cloud Consultant are the top 5 certifications.

Types of salesforce Partners

salesforce partners

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

  • On the Salesforce platform, ISV partners create cutting-edge apps that help users overcome important business problems.
  • They assist you to overcome difficulties in a variety of use cases, including automation, document creation, and developer apps, through their apps that expand Salesforce.
  • ISV partners provide more than 7,000 pre-built, ready-to-install programs on AppExchange, with over 10 million installations.

Consulting and Integration Partners

  • By handling the development, coding, configuration, user training, and integration of Salesforce products inside your operating systems, Salesforce consulting and integration partners as well as digital agencies produce real outcomes quickly.
  • These partners provide sector experience, and they can assist you and your staff in configuring Salesforce to meet your specific business requirements.
  • It’s hardly surprising that people are seeking these specialists out! You can rely on the greatest technical skill sets and more than 170,000 qualified people to provide you with strategic advice.

Cloud Resellers

  • Cloud resellers are crucial in assisting Salesforce to service new markets because they provide expertise and skills in regional markets.
  • Resellers are trained to offer you the same level of service as Salesforce and cover the whole client lifecycle.

Start to Build a Partnership Strategy

  • Understand where you win – Assemble your statistics, sales figures, the latest details on completed transactions, and success stories to begin.
  • Establish the business goals for your partnership strategy – Observe the partner programs of your rivals, paying attention to the partners they seek out and the activities they support.
  • Develop measurable objectives – Prioritize and be clear about your company goals to choose the best partners. After that, develop a collaboration plan and work to achieve success.

Levels of Consulting Partners

Many firms have become Salesforce Partners because of the expansion and rising demand for Salesforce. Despite not being authorized Salesforce partners, there may be a lot of businesses that provide Salesforce services.

A Salesforce Partner can receive a variety of tiers based on their Consulting Partner Trailblazer Score. There are five levels in the Salesforce Consulting Partner program, as follows

  • Registered
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Global Strategic

Pick the Best Salesforce Consulting Partner

Finding a Salesforce consultant that is knowledgeable is one of the biggest obstacles for a corporation.
When looking for the ideal mate, consider the following:

  • Relevant commercial experience
  • Qualifications & Expertise of the Team (Salesforce Certifications)
  • Customer testimonials
  • Providers of support and services to customers

Benefits of Salesforce Partners

Salesforce offers consulting partners access, training, and tools to help them develop expertise in important business procedures, product areas, and industries so they can better serve their customers and streamline their processes.

  • It is an all-inclusive solution for partner management, community management, sales, service, marketing, and customer care.
  • Boost client happiness and loyalty.
  • Salesforce is compatible with outside applications.
  • Boosts the productivity of sales.
  • It accelerates your company’s rate of growth.
  • Both small and medium to large enterprises can use it.