Salesforce Genie The First Real-Time CRM

Salesforce places a high premium on enhancing customer experiences. They deliver “Salesforce Genie,” the biggest invention in its history, to provide them with a fantastic experience. As implied by the name, Genie develops magical abilities to provide customer 360 with the power of real-time.

Salesforce Genie The First Real-Time CRM

The Magical Genie

Salesforce genie is a hyper-scale data platform, that enables businesses to provide clients with real-time information across the sales, service, marketing, and business sectors. Every client anticipates individualized experiences with businesses. Customers expect every experience to be connected and updated in real-time. It is the most challenging thing for organizations. The new integration model integrates data from every source into a unified customer profile record. Genie constantly updates massive scales of data, and the unified profile enables

Artificial intelligence, Automated workflows, and Accuracy in analytics

Genie stands innovative in Customer Data platforms majorly in two ways

  • Collects and unifies real-time data within a fraction of a second that is more than what is expected by customers.
  • Adapt the real-time experience for the customers.

How does Genie help us?

Salesforce Genie The First Real-Time CRM
  • Connect

    Salesforce Genie is built using salesforce metadata, which makes the data stored visible and available to be used by customer 360.

  • Harmonize

    Salesforce is the #1 CRM that has years of experience with business applications. Wide experiences help to create a set of data models called the customer graph that coordinates all the data streams in a single customer profile.

  • Engage

    Genie resolves identities, where the customer’s history of interaction with the brand is consolidated into one profile.

  • Experience

Genie’s Magic Across Customer 360

  • Sales

    During video and audio calls with consumers, each sales representative can get real-time coaching to help them adjust to the conversation and make tailored offers.

  • Service

    MarketingWith real-time alerts that identify problems, allow agents to act, engage the client, and remedy the issue, every service representative from the contact center to the field can offer proactive service.

  • Marketing

    Every marketer could provide customized messages through numerous channels that change based on real-time consumer behavior across various brand properties.

  • Commerce

    Every merchant could create customized shopping experiences that respond to in-the-moment customer behaviors, such as abandoned shopping carts or activities performed on a website or mobile app.

  • Financial

    By offering the appropriate guidance at the appropriate time, financial advisers and bankers can assist their customers in achieving their financial goals more quickly.

  • Tableau

    Real-time purchase data for sales, real-time case spikes for service and real-time site traffic for marketing are just a few examples of the crucial KPIs that every company may track to facilitate informed decision-making across the board.

  • Slack

    By providing teams with automated access to real-time data from any channel through intelligent processes, managers can boost productivity right away.

  • App Exchange

    The AppExchange Genie Collection, which includes 18 Genie partner apps and experts that can help businesses automate relevant advertising and enhance customer profiles, expands the capabilities of Salesforce Genie.

Here are the things that differentiate Salesforce Genie from other customer platforms

  • In real time it collects and unifies data in milliseconds
  • Enable all your teams across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more sectors to adapt the experience they provide in real-time to the customer’s world.

Customers will feel the impact of this magical Genie every now and then because it is the real game changer. Customer platforms other than Genie focus only on marketing and commerce.

Salesforce Genie will set the standard for the sector in terms of data ethics and privacy thanks to its automated policy creation and permission management. The Salesforce Platform most importantly adds a layer of information policy control to Salesforce Genie so that users may maintain the security of their data and adhere to international regulatory compliance standards.