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We recently had the chance to hear Mr. Marc Russell Benioff, speak about the Dutch Salesforce ecosystem “RefugeeForce”, during the Dreamforce 2022 Keynote wherein he shared a golden hoodie with Ms. Sima Samara.

In recent years, Salesforce has launched numerous global initiatives, and we frequently wondered: “How can we extend this benefit and grow the Salesforce ecosystem?” as a Salesforce partner. The answer for us was by assisting fresh talented graduates from humble backgrounds to acquire a deserving job and a chance to grow. In 2021, as the CORONA wave was beginning to subside, we launched a new office in Koottanad a small town in Kerala and established a specialised training facility with the vision that Salesforce shares “#Journey2Salesforce program”.

Why a dedicated training facility and why in a specific location?

We were thinking about the issues young graduates from the non-metro cities face and what we could do to make a positive change. We wanted to challenge the way people perceive and speak about freshers, and the work they often ended up doing.

Since our leaders have been a part of the Salesforce ecosystem for more than a decade, they have always been motivated to use technology to solve real-world problems and they have been trying to find something that’s more socially oriented. They have a strong personal connection with these youngsters whose USP is their fresh mind and willingness to learn and wanted to equip them and ensure that CONCLO brings a positive change to their lives. This initiative throws open a plethora of opportunities throughout the entire ecosystem, which goes beyond the technology, and this was precisely the reason for this cause being close to our leaders hearts and their unflinching support to this initiative.

What challenges do freshers from small towns face?

The fresh pass outs are under significant pressure to become employed and become financially independent. Research shows that only 22% find suitable jobs, meaning that a huge chunk of them get jobs in an industry they don’t have interest working in, or that do not match their qualifications or backgrounds. This was one of the key areas that we wanted to address – what is motivating these newcomers, what is guiding them in their job search, why are they obliged to join even service sector jobs, and how can we match their experience with jobs they wish for.

More than anything else, the spark for this initiative was when we were seeing the increased investment Salesforce technology is doing around the world. Businesses and non-profits are increasingly learning about all the benefits Salesforce offers and quickly taking advantage of the platform and INDIA is and has been an ever-growing market. New customers undertake a significant investment and then quickly realise there is a massive shortage of skilled professionals. Many people don’t have a background in implementing Salesforce so we are excited about how we can help meet this demand with the trained workforce we are nurturing.

Salesforce training and certification:

With our wide expertise and vision, we have been able to develop a focussed training programme for new hires that combines trailhead, classroom training, buddy system training, and live project training to better prepare participants find engagement with our company and making sure that the quality of life is better for resources from all kinds of backgrounds. Because we want to be able to give back to the community, these training hours are entirely free. #Pledge1% #TeamCONCLO

We believe their experience, skills, and motivation should be the priority. Giving people an opportunity to do a job that they enjoy and live comfortably is something that we should all want for each other.

What do we hope to accomplish? Where do we envision ourselves by 2023?

The biggest result we can provide is by demonstrating how the aspirants can fulfil their potential and finding opportunities for them to contribute to society by working at the job they want to perform. We think that younger generations are significantly more diversified than is typically given credit for.

2021 – 2022 has been the pilot years, making sure that we have the proper framework in place to deliver a strong programme and link trainees with the appropriate business’s roles, we have established the training curriculum and are all set to roll out. 2023 comes with a clear objective where our main priorities are the number of participants we can train, the number of sessions we can hold, and the employment goals we aim to achieve. We hope to have at least four training groups, each of which will consist of five to 10 participants.

What can we do better?

Our plan was to identify the underlying issue and address it. The opportunities should be made known to students at a very young age, and they should build their educational plans on the knowledge we have shared. Reaching out to the local school community and speaking with the head teacher about a day programme where we speak to kids finishing their 10th grade and explain what Salesforce is and what they could accomplish by joining this ecosystem is an ongoing action plan. This would aid students in choosing the right courses and the subjects they should focus on learning more about while taking concurrent courses in Salesforce to prepare them for life after college and bridge the gap.

How can an aspirant get involved with our CONCLO DTC?

The most important thing now is to apply and undertake the training program. You can apply at and we will follow-up with an interview. Sharing the application on social media or through your networks is most definitely welcome. Alternately, you can keep a tab on us and our story on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.