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Largest Manufacturer of Belting Solutions

Data Migration, Integration and Global Salesforce deployments


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  • Product Information

    Sales Cloud, Salesforce Platform

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  • Size

    1000 + Salesforce Users

Clients Description:

Customer is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of belting solutions with activities including design, manufacture, fabricate, install and services customers around the globe


Implementation of lead to order process and global rollout

Project Details

The implementation was done with Onsite/Offshore model with a team of 5 people. The scope of the project was to implement Lead to Order process for different organisations across various locations (30+ locations across various countries) for the customer. Some of the key activities involved in the project were

  • Security and User onboarding: The local country users were onboarded and setup of necessary security settings
  • Integration: Integration with local country ERP to CRM system and some cases implemented standalone solutions if local ERP is not available
  • Data Migration: Migration of existing CRM data to Salesforce (with data clean-up) considering the local countries requirements.
  • Local Language: Translation of the application to enable country specific translation of application metadata for countries in Europe and Asia
  • Reports and Dashboard: Deployment of country specify dashboards and reports for various teams
  • Training Support: Support and provide training to key users before handover
  • Hyper care support: once the deployments are done and users are enabled, provide hyper care support for country specific teams
  • Change Management: Plan and execute change management related activities

What Kind Of Business Benefits Award Through Our Service

Following are some of the Key benefits of this engagement

  • Ontime deployment of solution was based on template based deployment methodology
  • 360 degree view for the senior management across various regions and countries
  • Alignment with organization level standard key processes and also flexible enough to support local country specific processes
  • Lead Leakage in pipeline was reduced by 35% and still improving
  • Uniform platform and better communication alignment

Featured Services

  • Template based project deployment methodology
  • Salesforce security setup
  • Data clean-up and data migration
  • Implementation of country specific custom processes
  • Country specific ERP integration
  • Meta data translation deployments
  • Country specific Reports and dashboard
  • Support and change management

What Client Say About Our Company?

Successful on time rollout of country specific solution with customer satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5

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