Benefits of Salesforce Lightning for Business

Salesforce has become the most effective, customizable, and scalable CRMs in the world. It frequently develops innovative solutions that evolve along with the demands of the market and users.

This ethos of Salesforce ultimately led to the introduction of its updated platform, called “Salesforce Lightning” a newly redesigned platform and user interface. It’s only grown better with time. Salesforce Lightning integration’s primary goals are to improve creativity, boost output, and reduce stress in the workplace.

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool called Sales Cloud Lightning has an intelligent point of view that enables you to sell anywhere, at any time, and in any fashion.

Advantages of Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce has driven the cloud computing industry for more than 16 years. Salesforce provides you with three automatic updates per year, so you receive every Lightning enhancement we make. You have access to this innovation’s most recent features by turning on salesforce lightning.

Salesforce Lightning provides more than 55 new Sales Cloud pages and more than 150 additional functionalities. the aim is to increase rep productivity and develop the organization. For Example: In Salesforce Lightning, each page you design with Lightning is constructed on a canvas that you may customize, giving you complete control over the placement of the components.

Benefits of Salesforce Lightning for Business

Lightning Voice

Lightning Voice is a pre-configured option that provides salespeople with all they want to be successful without requiring complicated setups. Most significantly, it makes use of Salesforce’s strength as a complete, unified CRM platform to make sure every touch with a client is an opportunity to make an impression.

With the help of Lightning Voice, you can do

  • Boost call productivity
  • Make Intelligent Conversations
  • Automatically Calls logged
  • Easily Take thorough notes
  • Localize Your Phone Number to a Contact’s Location

Steelbrick CPQ

Steelbrick CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) makes Sales Cloud the first lead-to-cash sales platform in the sector and has been entirely based on Lightning. Reps can now effortlessly complete complex quotes, obtain permission for discounts, create branded contracts and proposals, and even gather signatures—all without ever leaving their CRM.

Lightning for Outlook

Salesforce Outlook Integration took the place of Lighting for Outlook (LFO). As an updated successor for Salesforce for Outlook, Salesforce Outlook Integration was created as LFO.

It promised to instantly sync contacts, events, and tasks across Outlook and Salesforce despite having equal functionality and greater speed.

Lightning prioritizes mobile

The Lightning Platform is used to build the Salesforce1 Mobile App. The redesigned Lightning desktop experience was sparked by both breakthroughs. All customizations made there are immediately available via Salesforce1 on any mobile device.

Lightning Builder

Salesforce Lightning App Builder is a drag-and-drop interface that enables administrators to design lightning pages using both standard and custom lightning components.

Salesforce lighting pages may be made using graphical user interfaces in Lightning App Builder. The three actions that must be taken to create a new lightning page are as follows. Learn how to use Lightning App Builder to construct Salesforce Lightning pages.

  • They have created a mobile app, a one-page app, or a lightning experience.
  • The lightning experience home page can be customized.
  • Lightning records pages can be customized

Salesforce App Exchange

Salesforce AppExchange is’s cloud computing marketplace which enables users to access, download and install software apps.

In AppExchange, there are already more than 157 third-party apps that are Lightning ready and have already been tested and pre-integrated to function with Salesforce. To provide the most consistent user experience when your organization migrates to Lightning, Lightning-ready apps are created.

Lightning Snap-In

With programmable settings in the Snap-ins code snippet, JavaScript, and unique Lightning Components, you may customize the deployment of your Snap-ins. View the supported features for each Snap-ins code snippet version.
Utilize the Lightning Snap-Ins to connect with more clients, resolve their problems, and ultimately increase client happiness.

  • Personalize Your Snap-In Web
  • Able to see versions with Code Snippets in Snap-Ins
  • Use the Custom Lightning Components the user interface for your snap-in

Lightning Customer Community

The Lightning Customer Community is the most feature-rich version in the history of Community Cloud, allowing businesses to connect with their consumers rapidly and strategically. The brand-new UX provides options for involvement and a new degree of customization that will enable your company to deliver unmatched customer service. Here is additional information on the Lightning Customer Community.

At Salesforce, our sole goal is to support the success of our more than 150,000 clients. We are confident that you will achieve great success if you develop close ties with your consumers. Based on your suggestions, we created Lightning, and we are working to make it better.

Customers’ communities provide advantages

Customers may connect more personally with the Lightning Customer Community, providing them with a rich experience quickly. The following are the main advantages:

Business integrations

Any data from any system may be injected into the customer community. Additionally, it provides you the option to permit community members to add to and edit records. Lead qualification is also open to partners, and consumers have the freedom to offer product reviews. Support problems can even be escalated by workers.

Engagement and branding: The customer community extends the online customer experience by reflecting your brand and being easily configurable. Recognizing and rewarding the most active participants also contributes to the development of a vibrant community.


You can access the community through the Salesforce1 mobile app or from any mobile browser such that you can deliver an immersive, branded, and responsive mobile experience at any place and time.

Profile-based access

Organizations can now give a tailored community structure and look to different members. It will give you greater control and a more personalized experience.

Rich Media Feed

Users now also have the power to embed various links, images, and videos in any community feed, it’s more of a question-and-answer forum that helps find solutions easily.

Amongst the innumerable other advantages, the brand-new Lightning User Experience gives the provision a fresh level of personalization and added opportunities to case your customers in an unmatched customer experience. Some of them like Lightning themes, profile-based access, and rich media feed is the icing on the cake. So go ahead and explore the power of the lightning struck Customer Community!!