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Manufacturing Sales Transformation Using Salesforce Integration

Enhancing Reports and Dashboards, and Tracking Sales Visits for a Leading Manufacturer


  • Enhancing reports and dashboards

    Enhancing reports and dashboards involves improving their quality, functionality, and visual appeal. This ensures that data is accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive. Enhancements may include better charts, graphs, and other visual elements, using visually appealing designs, clearer labeling, and improved color schemes. Additionally, adding interactive features such as filters, drill-down capabilities, and tooltips allows users to explore data more effectively and gain deeper insights

  • Tracking visits based on accounts

    Tracking visits based on accounts in Salesforce involves monitoring and recording interactions with clients or prospects, organized by account. This process gives sales teams a comprehensive view of their engagements with each account, facilitating better relationship management and sales strategies. Sales representatives can log visit details, including log-in and log-out times and the duration of each visit, which helps management track and analyze sales activities more effectively.

Client Profile

The client is one of the leading global manufacturing companies, known for their commitment to excellence and innovation. They consistently rank among the top manufacturing companies worldwide, showcasing their expertise and leadership in the industry.

Business Challenges

In the Manufacturing, the client faced critical challenges:

  • Difficulties in Tracking Sales Visits: The client faced challenges in tracking sales visits due to reliance on manual data entry, leading to inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Without a centralized system, it was difficult for managers to have visibility into sales activities, which hindered coordination and collaboration. Additionally, incomplete data about visit purposes, outcomes, and follow-ups made it hard to understand the effectiveness of each visit.
  • Obstacles in Enhancing Reports and Dashboards: Enhancing reports and dashboards also presented challenges, such as ensuring data accuracy and completeness. Designing effective visualizations that communicate insights clearly was difficult, and there was resistance to adopting new tools and a lack of training on data-driven decision-making. Ensuring data security and appropriate access to sensitive information was another critical challenge.

CONCLO Technologies Solution

CONCLO Technologies took charge and provided a comprehensive solution:

  • Effective Tracking of Visits and Salesperson’s Performance: To address these challenges, Salesforce was integrated for seamless visit tracking and data synchronization. Training was provided to salespersons on effectively using Salesforce to log visit details, emphasizing the importance of accuracy. Visit data and performance metrics were used for feedback, coaching, and recognizing top performers, as well as identifying areas for improvement.
  • Enhanced Reports and Dashboards: Reports and dashboards were customized to align with organizational goals and user requirements. Users were enabled to personalize their dashboards, and Salesforce was integrated with other business systems for a comprehensive data view. Data quality measures were implemented to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Tech-stacks Used

Sales Cloud, Salesforce Platform.

Business Outcomes

This collaboration resulted in substantial benefits:

  • Improved Tracking of Visits and Salesperson Effectiveness: The integration resulted in improved tracking of visits and salesperson effectiveness. Custom Salesforce objects and fields were created to track detailed visit information, and automation was implemented for scheduling, reminders, and data updates. Mobile accessibility was enabled, allowing salespersons to log visits on-the-go, ensuring timely data capture. Reports and dashboards were developed to visualize visit data and assess salesperson effectiveness.
  • Superior Reports and Dashboards: Reports and dashboards were customized with tailored layouts, data fields, and visualizations to meet the needs of different stakeholders. Visual elements were enhanced for better readability, and interactive features were added for deeper data exploration. Automation streamlined report generation and distribution, while enhanced mobile accessibility allowed users to access reports and dashboards from any device, increasing usability for field sales teams and remote workers.

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